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      With over 60 years of family time-tested procedures, protocols and lessons, together with insider ideas, tips and techniques. Ted has inherited the real estate “gene” and continues Grandpop’s proven “hands on” approach to managing real estate.

      Ted's goal? — meeting challenges and market conditions with proven, as well as creative options and strategies.

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      • 954-849-4944

      • 1881 NE 26th St. Suite 212F Wilton Manors FL 33305

Our Services

Our Services

Take a look at what ORANGE ISLAND has to offer you and then give us a call (954-849-4944).  We’ll chat about your needs and get busy designing a customized Property Management program specifically for your particular wants and needs.   We are the easy old-fashioned property management solution - “one stop” shop.   We’ll create you a personalized property management program  from our services menu, such as:  managing, collecting and forwarding rents, property maintenance and preventive measures, fielding tenant’s needs and complaints, regular inspections to keep property meeting and complying with local standards, move-ins, move-outs, renewals, oversee work orders, negotiate contracts, bid comparison and scheduling work with vendors and anything else you wish to include.    

We’re not the guy in the suit & tie, we’re the guy in the truck.



Full service property management – we work seven days a week!

Ability to quickly identify problems/issues and immediately work to turn them around

Pro-active management to establish confidence of residents

Physical inspection and maintenance preparation of property for lease

Rental analysis of current market conditions

Expert Support

Endeavor to ensure resident retention and we will Show all properties 7 days a week until rented

Bi-weekly drive-by visual inspections

Full management of all physical maintenance and related on-site activities

Capital improvement oversight and construction management

Rental signs, Multiple Listing Service, referrals & Realtor.com

Comprehensive background checks performed

What are some of the services offered by ORANGE ISLAND?

With ORANGE ISLAND has to offer you and then give Ted a call to design a tailor-made management program to suit your particular investment property’s needs. We offer a one-stop solution for all aspects of rental property management from property maintenance to marketing to collections and everything in between. We’re not the guy in the suit, we’re the guy in the truck!

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