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      With over 60 years of family time-tested procedures, protocols and lessons, together with insider ideas, tips and techniques. Ted has inherited the real estate “gene” and continues Grandpop’s proven “hands on” approach to managing real estate.

      Ted's goal? — meeting challenges and market conditions with proven, as well as creative options and strategies.

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      • 954-849-4944

      • 1881 NE 26th St. Suite 212F Wilton Manors FL 33305

Welcome to Orange Island your custom Property Management solution

Whether your asset is a 30 unit apartment building, or a 300 sq.ft. condo, we, at ORANGE ISLAND,will be your property’s sunlight!  We are first and foremost -  professionals, we are accessible to our clients and their tenants, we are visible and known in the community and as our long-term clients will attest, we create customized, tailor-made Management Plans to accommodate our client’s specific needs.

What We can do for you?

Full service property management – we work seven days a week! Ability to quickly identify problems/issues and immediately work to turn them around

We're on it.

Pro-active management to establish confidence of residents Physical inspection and maintenance preparation of property for lease

Current market conditions

We're a mature company, with 30yrs combined market presence we adapt to bubbles and declines. Orange Island is your property management rock.

Total Rental Analysis

Endeavor to ensure resident retention Bi-weekly drive-by visual inspections
Full management of all physical maintenance and related onsite activities

Real Estate Generations

First Generation

Three generations of real estate management started with Grace & Joe, an Irish immigrant couple who bought and rented apartments in blue-collar North Philadelphia back in the 50’s.

Second Generation

Second generation Eileen O’Boyle carried the property baton to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1988

Third Generation

third generation, Ted Uszko came into the business upon his 2001 graduation from University of Florida.


Give us the opportunity to talk with you and discern what your business and property management needs are.

We pride ourselves in individual packages tailored to each customer.

We specialize in property management and much more. We work seven days a week

We’ve been fortunate to have had Ted watch over our property for several years now and everything has gone well. Ted seems to actually enjoy the work of being a property manager and that in itself puts him above all others. It’s a difficult job and he does it extremely well. That is meaningful to us as we are quite a distance from Fort Lauderdale and could never handle everything by ourselves. We appreciate his confidence, knowledge, and experience and would never hesitate to recommend Orange Island Property Management to anyone.

Sandy & Bill /  Virginia

If you need a property manager in South Florida, Ted Uszko of Orange Island Property Management is simply the best choice. Ted has taken care of four of our buildings over the last 10 years and recently we bought two more from Eileen for him to manage for us. The accounting is simple.   He collects the rents, shows an accounting of any expenses you agreed for him to pay like perhaps water and trash collection. Then he deposits the money in your account. It is so easy. Ted routinely visits the properties, sends us pictures of issues and lets us approve any expenses before he engages contractors to make various repairs. Our buildings have slowly been brought up to a higher quality than when we purchased them thanks to Ted and our rents are also significantly higher due to these improvements. It is so hard to deal with contractors to begin with and we live in California. Ted provides us with multiple quotes from known contractors in South Florida that have fair prices.

Our retirement is nearing quickly and we are thankful to have properties that send us money in retirement. We also have something to hand down to our children and maybe grandchildren someday. South Florida has been a very affordable place for us to collect investment properties and having a top-notch property manager like Ted is the key to it all. South Florida is great to visit, even from California. When we are in town, Ted always offers to give us a tour of our properties and keeps us connected with our projects. Seeing is believing and I welcome you to take a drive by our projects to see the proof.

Mark & Nikki /  San DIego, CA

Regarding Ted, he is an excellent property manager on a number of fronts. First, being a landlord himself, Ted has great experience dealing with tenants and handles tenant requests/issues in a timely, skillful and professional manner. He’s also an excellent craftsman, so he often can do repairs or improvements himself, which not only often saves money but, more importantly, ensures that a high-quality job is completed. Additionally, given the number of properties that he manages, he can dip into his deep network of vendors to help with any jobs that he wouldn’t handle himself. Finally, he’s an honest and straightforward person, which instills great confidence and provides great comfort for us – especially important, given that we are 3000 miles away. Regarding Eileen, she is an absolutely top-notch real estate agent. Her many years in real estate not only give her amazing knowledge of the business and the South Florida market, but she’s virtually a walking encyclopedia of information! She’s very quick with the numbers and incredibly savvy in her recommendations, offering only great business opportunities to her clients (i.e. if the numbers don’t work, she won’t even bother you). And like her son, she’s an honest and straight forward, inspiring immense trust. (I’m sure that’s where Ted learned it!)  Eileen is also incredibly helpful – so much so that she actually helped us with a transaction from another state – just “because.” That’s her style.

C. Radovitch /  San Francisco, Calif

“Eileen and Ted have been lifesavers on many occasions. We own properties in South Florida but live in California. Previously our properties were constant headaches now we have some peace of mind. Ted is always there to handle what we cannot do remotely, quickly and professionally. Eileen and Ted’s knowledge of the local areas, laws, and regulations have helped out quite a bit. I highly recommend them for being a pleasure to work and for the value they bring to us.”

D. Yachanin /  San Diego, California

“Ted and Eileen provide top-notch property management services. For the past 3 years, they have managed 4 properties for us, for a total of 9 units. They do it all – advertise vacancies, interview tenants, collect rents, maintain the units, resolve any issues – we don’t have to worry about a thing! They are professional, easy to work with, and on top of their game. When the unexpected happens, they are creative in helping to resolve problems and find optimal solutions that benefit us as well as our tenants. We can’t imagine working with anyone else”

KMR /  Chicago


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